Day Four – An okay day

So all in all good news for day four of the reduction programme and day one of half term. Must be a blue moon!

So again, a rougher start to the day but once movement had started it went well, the things I wanted to do got done and I found I was not clock watching for the last two medication doses (not just the Oxycontin but my other drugs also – more on that another time). I can’t really ask for more than that any time let alone in the first stage of opioid reduction. I also found I was much less snappy today.

So I am going back to the morning for todays Chronic Pain lesson. This one is more specific to me than just the general Chronic Pain issues that the majority of ‘Painers’ experience so while there will be aspects that other Painers will identify with the mechanisms are around my personal medical history and the effects on daily life.


Lesson begins (like Batman only bizarrely less depressing somehow):

Mornings are tough for me due to in a large part the fact I have yet to learn I am not a cat. I have talked about my 2012 left leg breakages over here and then I also shattered my right ankle losing half the talus bone back in 1996 both the result of falling from horses (because I’m a dolt) and landing on my feet (because I am not, never have been, never will be a gymnast, nobody told my instincts that though). Neither of these injuries are the reason I have Chronic Pain but unfortunately due to the F.U.B.A.R nature of my central nervous system both have significant impact on my day to day pain levels. I sleep with my legs elevated to combat swelling but getting my ankles up to operating speed takes a bit of time and a bunch of drugs. Now we are throttling back on the opioid components of that bunch I am finding getting my legs working even harder.

once I have got my ankles to the point of being able to weightbear we have the ever tricky balance issue. I fall over quite a bit. I manage much better these days especially given a decade ago I needed to use two crutches to get about and for longer trips a wheelchair this improvement is due in a large part to a pretty full on physio routine and managing my physical activities to maintain strength. The absolute worst thing I can do to myself is stop being active just because it hurts and I wobble (more on the physical activity component to pain management in a future lesson).

I tend to find though once I am on my feet and start to move around things settle out into the manageable levels and the more careful time I spend on my feet the better set up for the day I am. On school days unless I have to leave the village straight after I drop off the children I will walk to school as that light exercise loosens everything up fairly well. I have been finding in these first few days of reduction I am taking far, far longer to get to this point and the general pain levels are higher, but, I am glad to report, not unmanageable.

In future lessons I will talk more about the issues with my limbs around both lack of sensation mixed in with hyper sensation and then also my ‘primary’ pain site, the place where it all began, my upper right quadrant abdominal area, or laymans terms, that bit over the liver.

/self centered lesson ends


So now let us segway over to the Boy and his hair cut. See how smooth I am in my writing, flawless!

So five minutes after the boy was sat in the chair and his hair cut had begun I remembered my promise of a before and after picture. I would like to blame the drugs but that’s just me being a forgetful twit, apologies. You aren’t missing out on too much as there is not a drastic change with the Boy’s hair as we finally got a hairdresser who didn’t decide to disregard the Boy’s wish to keep as much length as possible so the end result is a much tidier cut that is neither bowl or mullet and doesn’t have a ‘notch’ where the cut around his ear once was. I don’t think you can tell a huge amount from this picture, I very nearly forgot to take this one as well and had to call the Boy back after he had started up to bed. He then could not keep himself from falling about laughing for some reason. I think these two pictures are just so cute and him though, I am a bias source however!