Day Three – Here today, hair tomorrow


I am having no luck today with writing anything vaguely interesting or even particularly coherent so this is going to be short and not at all sweat.

Today has been okay, not much has changed and nothing interesting to report!

I haven’t the energy or mental clarity to talk about any aspects of the world of Chronic Pain so will have to save any more information and backstory for another day.

Tomorrow, first day of half term (not sure if this timing was good planning or insanity. The pain team didn’t really seem to get that the children spending time in the holidays with their Dad was just not going to happen however nice it would have been) and I need to go into town so I can get a few bits done. As we are going anyway the Boy is going to have his hair cut. He has been growing out his last cut since September when the hair dresser seemed to disregard his with to keep as much length as possible while not having a bowl cut or a mullet. He still wants his Bieber hair with all his heart. The result as it stands is a hot mess of hair, I haven’t got a picture to hand of this tonight but will be sure to post the before and after tomorrow. The girl will have a trim, not because she needs or really wants it, she just can’t cope with the idea the Boy may get something she doesn’t. They had a fight last summer because the Boy felt the Girl had more sunscreen. I despair.

So I shall leave it at that tonight.

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