A day off…

Day 4

The children have completely failed me today in their one task to be interesting so I can write about them. Typical. We have to be fair had a day off having to be someplace else and it was bliss.

We would have stayed in our pyjamas all day had it not got to lunch time when I discovered we had no bread in, well thats not quite true, I had a total of 4 slices of bread and two of them where crusts. Getting everyone washed, dressed and out to the shop was preferable to brokering a deal on that one, my part time role as hostage negotiator and US (United Sibling) peace keeper has gone way over hours and getting overtime paid is impossible in the current climate.

Our next job of the day was to try and tidy up the house ready to try and cut down the risk of Father Christmas filing another claim for workers compensation. I sent the children up to tidy their rooms while I dove into the mountain range of dirty laundry but they hadn’t been gone more than a few minutes before the girl was calling down with pleas for rescue from all the clothes that had fallen on her when she opened her wardrobe and the boy was howling on the stairs about the girl doing something or other to him, it wasn’t clear, it is hard enough to understand him through his speech disorder at the best of times but when the emotional dam has been breached a lexicon of linguists couldn’t draw head nor tale from him. In cases such as this I can’t really do anything as the girls only crime may have been existing while in his line of sight so I was left with the distraction method of ‘Look boy! Clean clothes for you to sort!’ always a winner.

Once I had rescued the girl from her avalanche I changed all the sheets, always an interesting task with the boy, he keeps everything he finds and considers precious in his bed with him so sheet changes can bring fascinating archaeological finds from rocks and twigs to collectors edition book collections to large wooden cat statues. This time was slightly disappointing and only yielded two Minecraft books, a small collection of lego bricks and one slipper that belonged to the girl three years ago that hasn’t been seen since… until today anyway.

With the bedrooms as good as they where going to get we headed down to do something about the living room while I brooded on the fact that the new beds will be here in a matter of weeks and there is a huge amount of work to be done to prepare and old furniture to somehow get rid of. I have pushed that problem into ‘Lala I’m not listening’ land for just now because the whole thing is getting a little too close for comfort now but there is nothing much I can do for the next week or so.

The house is now in a half way reasonable state, enough to ward of Santa’s little personal injury lawyers at any rate and we have made it through another day without any of the gifts already under the tree ‘accidentally’ having the wrapping paper ‘fall off’ so that is good enough for me. I managed to have a sneaky ‘I’m just tidying’ sort out of the lego and checked the Playstation is all up to date and ready to go without giving anything away to the boy. The outfit I bought for the girl has a seal of approval, not an easy thing given her tastes change with the wind and something she begged for on one day is something she wouldn’t be seen dead in the next. The top I had bought did not pass her inspection sadly but she found a plain black t-shirt in her avalanche field to substitute for the lovely bright one I had picked so her Christmas day outfit is rescued. I wish she was an easily pleased as the boy for whom I just got something with a computer game character on and thought no more of it.

IMG_0149 IMG_0150

A heard of horses meets a horde of children tomorrow at the riding school Christmas pony day and party. I don’t really need to give any more of a teaser than that really, see you on the other side!


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