The end (of term) is nigh

Today has been full of last dashes into town without children for all the things I have forgotten but the children are now too old for me to get away with the ‘don’t look’ or ‘this is honestly for somebody else’ tactics of yesteryear. I am unreasonably delighted to have managed to procure Christmas wrapping paper with owls on, something that will make the girl extremely happy, I am just happy that she has picked a must have theme that must be generally popular this year (that or we have a buyer in the area who also has a thing for owls), who knew, all things owl are the must have for Christmas 2014, seems a bit, well, random to me but that’s tweens (who am I kidding, that’s my children) by definition. So I can now relax in the knowledge that all the owl themed ‘stuff’ can be wrapped up in owls, how satisfying.

I also attended my first carol concert of the year. Now if I was really a good Mother I should have attended two concerts today, one for the boy in the morning and the evening one for the girl (roll on next year when they are both in the upper school). However, I just couldn’t quite bring myself to that level of giving for my children and as the girl was doing a reading she was the favoured child while the boy had a taste of attending two concerts in a day for once. He wasn’t amused in the slightest.

Last day of school is tomorrow however it ends rather prematurely at 1.15pm making getting anything done next to impossible. I am though going to make use of having the girl all to myself for the whole afternoon and evening (as it’s the boys day with their Dad), a rare thing indeed. I don’t know what we are going to do yet, she wants to subject me to the Annie remake but the fact that it doesn’t come out until the weekend grants me a reprieve and the knowledge that the boy will have to suffer with me when we do go. I must be thankful that when the time comes I shall not suffer alone. I quite like the idea of us heading over to the outdoor ice rink but the last time me wearing ice skates was on the cards the village took up a petition to stop the madness given my track record and lack of ‘good’ legs.

So the school holiday diary will start tomorrow afternoon with what ever kind of merry hell the girl and I can manage to raise. I really shouldn’t big this up as it will probably end up in tears. My tears. Either when I manage to find an even more creative way to break bones or can’t think of anything witty to say and the children fail to perform anything of interest. I have nightmares.

I intend to do an entry every day of the holidays. On the days that the children are not with me I will try to put some kind of fiction post out there although I think we will be skipping a week with ‘Mothering the Apocalypse’ as the next entry is ‘due’ right on Christmas day and I am unlikely to have time over the next week to get anything I am close the happy with out, I am finding writing a longer arc more, err, interesting and have to admit at this point I am not totally sure what triggered our end of the world so if you think you have an idea I would love to hear it (especially as it is probably better than the options I have in my notes just now!).


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