A dog ate my blogging

Yes, yes, I know.

I said I know.

There is really no need to keep harping on about it.

I am sorry about the silence that has thundered from these pages this week. There has been a lot of life. Some of it fun but most of it mundane and boring and unfortunately some of it is heartbreaking.

The fun is always in what the children bring, always fresh, always enjoyable, always strange and baffling.

The mundane and boring a ranging from school meetings about the boy and his troubles (He is doing good, although I do think that if something isn’t directly effecting his academic achievement the school does glass over things somewhat.) to mucking out the house ready for a letting agent visit (random fact, I keep stable yards spotless, hate a job not done, love order and tidiness and would rather die than leave a yard untidy. I keep my home however, more akin to a muck heap, jobs will always wait until the mythical ‘later’ and I just can’t bring myself to care too much about cobwebs.).

The heartbreaking is heartbreaking. I am hundreds of miles from my family but the Appleton folks have always been a great big surrogate family to me, looked out for me, looked after me, they are a special kind of family. In the last two weeks the bottom dropped out the lady I see as my Appleton Mum’s world. Her husband became suddenly ill, then sicker and now he will not see Christmas. From the news in the last three days, if he makes it to next week he is doing well. Their story is not mine to tell and I am doing as much as I can for them (not enough, can never be enough) but finding the funny is a little harder just now and I may need to drop everything some more to take up as much slack as I am able to and this kind of thing can often leave me too tired to write, even when it is all there just begging to fall onto the page so stick with me, I will write when I can. I can’t promise it will be any good though.


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