Too tired for toadstools

I have tried to write this evening but it seems that I am just too tired. Annoying, there is material there, I spent the bulk of the school day Christmas shopping online, mainly because I had many other things I wanted to do a whole lot less. Then this evenings Brownies had everything going for it material wise, there were children who are not my own so don’t have the biological failsafes to protect them, a toadstool, a mirror pretending to be a pond, a song about elves and ‘the wood of hands’ among other things and yet my attempts to convey this to something another person may find good to read lacked depth and just seemed to be missing what ever ingredient it is that makes me feel that I could put it out there into the world.

So rather than anything interesting or fun tonight you get this, sorry about that but it has given me an opportunity to thank all the lovely folks who have either liked my efforts through Facebook/Wordpress and also all the new followers, the vast majority are complete strangers to me who don’t have to make nice due to either biological links or a fear of what could happen next time I serve them at the village shop. Thank you very much to you all, it is quite scary putting myself out there to the wider world, when it comes to the fiction, I have never let another living person read anything I have written before (but even the restraining orders haven’t stopped me harassing the dead to read my latest offering) but the reception I have received has been both welcoming and a real boost to the confidence.

What I would love to hear now is feedback, be honest and tell me what you like and what you don’t, where I need to put more work in, the places I lose my way. I would also love to hear about the things you liked to so I can try to work to my strengths.

I know for my Facebook crew that it is a pain you need to register to comment directly but if you don’t want to do that, leave me a comment on Facebook or organise a petition in the shop/online to try and get me to stop.

For somebody who said that they were too tired to produce anything today I have managed quite a lot so I shall retire, listen to The Archers because yes, I am that sad, and drift off to sleep.

Think of me tomorrow when it really is picture day at school…


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