Untested waters

I have been thinking. I know, I know I really should take more care when it comes to extreme activities that hold a high risk of harm, I know my history isn’t great when it comes to doing damage to myself but what can I say but I have trouble with my reckless urges, so a thinking I have been.

I have been thinking of fiction, thinking that I could have some fun pushing the ‘what ifs’ of my reality. My reality can often time seem and feel like a work of fiction so why not have a go at pushing that boundary?

Now my writing muscles are weak and flabby so going full out fiction would likely lead to unreadable drivel of a high if not highest order, could even be legendary, but not for the reasons one would hope.

My middle ground is to write as myself, take a couple of events then let it run gently into fiction and hope that the resulting sludge is not a contender for either worst or most boring short ‘story’ of all eternity.

So at some point a go up will be this particular brand of fiction, I will mark it as such and I hope that it won’t be too terrible!


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