A dilemma most grave

When it comes to my mobile phone situation it seems I have two options.

Option 1 – Spend many more hours trying to navigate the labyrinth of Vodafone’s automated customer service system on a quest to get through to a human being and not a recording telling me they have a wonderful online service (that can’t do what I need done) before telling me the call is teminated and disconecting (On a side note I am contemplating a change.org petition campaining against the fact Vodafone are, it seems, becoming a front for Skynet.) and then I have to start again trying to remember which number I pressed in each menu so as not to be yet again terminated. Once Skynet have been bested I would then have to to get my new pet human to first understand that I wish to port my pay as you go mobile number over to my sparkling new contract sim. Then help them understand, again, that I am moving within their own company, then try and find out what went wrong when they said it would be done within 24 hours and yet I am still walking round with an iphone in each pocket looking at best, like the most unlikely drug dealer, at worst like a hipster. At this point they would apologise and ask to put me on hold, I beg them not to hand me back to Skynet, they think I am joking and put me on hold, the line drops. Finally after a reenactment of Terminator 2 my replacement pet human tells me that it is all sorted and the port will be complete within 24 hours. I put the phone down knowing that I will have to do it all again 24 hours later.


Option 2 – I send a group text to all contacts letting them know that this is my new number. I ring or ‘internet’ around those organisations that need to know changes of contact details. Its a drag but when it’s done it is done and it will take me no more then an hour all in all. It’s not like I had even managed to learn my old mobile number, I could only remember three of the numbers in the middle due to it being the UK dialling code.

So after much agony of indecision over which option I should take, I am changing my mobile number and a side effect of this is I might shut the hell up about mobile phones.

P.S – If you are one of this folks who have encouraged this blog business, or you just enjoy reading then please share, no point in taking this from the Facebook feed to blog if nobody different has to suffer my rambles, don’t suffer me in silence, share away and lets see what happens!


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