It must be Monday morning

Oh yeah sure, a Brownie craft activity to prepare for remembrance Sunday, no worries! She says months ago. In my defence, life happened, allot of life, but good excuse or not I found myself spending this morning hastily creating two examples of poppy themed collaging using all the scraps of felt/fabric/tissue paper/patterned paper etc that has been hanging around for seemingly the whole 100 year history of Brownies, being passed from leader to leader like the shroud of Turin, you know, one of those things that you know could come in handy one day but in the mean time you honestly don’t know quite what to do with it.

Just as I had finished peeling off the last bit of glue that had dried onto my fingertips the delivery van containing my new iphone to abuse pulled up. A quick look at the clock showed the delivery to be right on time and I went to the door. A rather embarrassed looking courier was stood on the path,

‘I’m a minute early’ he says

‘Great’ says I holding out my hands eager to get my hands on something expensive to destroy

‘I can’t deliver it, I’m early’ he says, this also explains the embarrassed look in his eye. We then spent a minute making awkward small talk at the front door until finally his clock changed to 13.23 (yes, it really was that precise, my delivery time was 13.23 to 14.23) and he was able to have me sign and hand over the little package to begin it’s miserable existence.

I then called Vodafone to have my old pay as you go number ported over so I don’t have to get off my backside and change my contact details with the world. A very nice chap who had all the hallmarks of being new to the job utterly confused himself and the system when he inadvertently tried to port a number to itself. The resulting damage to the time space continuum took some time to resolve but all being well I should have the right number attached to the right contract by 4pm tomorrow, that or a black hole will open and the world will end. Could go either way.


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